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Version History
Version 2.11
  • Added support for unicode file names (Japanese, Korean, Chinese, etc.)
  • Added "Log window" menu item to the tray menu.
Version 2.10
  • Added support for %DATE% variable in destination folders.
  • Compression/decompression speed increased.
  • Profiles import/export improved.
  • New item "Always" added to Restart Full Backup list.
  • Test button added in Profile Properties | Notifications.
  • Restoring preserved files improved.
  • Automatic mapped drive reconnection added.
Version 2.9
  • Synchronization progress representation improved.
  • Recovering of SmartSync.ssb improved.
  • The "Cannot write to Zip file or disk full." error fixed.
  • Fixed some memory leaks in service mode.
  • Bug fixed: disk spanning on CD-RW.
  • Bug fixed: skip mode in resolving file conflicts.
Version 2.8
  • New features: Import and Export of profiles.
  • New command line options /CreateUpdates and /ApplyUpdates.
  • New option in Restore Wizard: "Delete All Files from Destination Except being Restored".
  • New feature: Windows Explorer integration.
  • Long file names processing improved.
  • Balloon tray message now scaled for large font.
  • Bug fixed at "Run at Shutdown".
  • Bug fixed in scheduler.
Version 2.7
  • New feature: Incremental Backup.
  • New feature: Restore from Incremental Backup.
  • Restore Source from a Zip file uses a wizard.
  • New notification type "Summary" allows you to receive log by email.
  • Tray hint shows the current state of the program.
  • New options for file comparing: by size, attributes, MD5 hash and contents.
  • New scheduler options for remote synchronization.
  • Fixed bug: sometimes Run at Shutdown option did not work.
  • Passive mode added for FTP connection.
  • Separate log files for each profile.
Version 2.6
  • Can run as a service under NT4/2000/XP. Run SmartSync /? for details.
  • XP Themes support added.
  • New feature: connect to a network resource with a different user name and password.
  • New feature: multi-user work on the same computer.
  • Suspend/Resume profiles execution added.
  • Command line support added. Run SmartSync /? for details.
  • New feature: create a shortcut on the desktop added.
  • New profile option: Try to Process "In Use" Files.
  • New feature: Notifications in profile properties.
  • New scheduler option: On Folder Changes.
  • New feature: copying file and folder security attributes for NTFS volumes.
  • New languages added: Portuguese (Brazilian) and Hungarian
Version 2.5
  • Compare Files shows file conflicts separately from modified files.
  • Modified files appear in green, file conflicts are in red.
  • New button Run Now added to the Compare Files dialog.
  • New feature: import of the remote file list from a package.
  • Processing of large files (larger than 2GB) improved.
  • Fixed bugs in editing of FTP servers list and POP3 servers list.
  • Deleting of read-only files improved.
  • Fixed bug in folder's drag and drop.
  • New Profile Wizard improved.
  • Exclude File filter improved.
  • Fixed bug in resolving file conflicts for remote synchronization.
Version 2.4
  • Environment variables support added.
  • Added two new languages: French and Russian.
  • The package file extension .snp changed to .ssp to do not conflict with Microsoft Access Snapshots.
  • Scheduler improved
  • Profiles summary page improved.
  • Now the program handle file conflicts in local and remote synchronization.
  • New options in Profile Properties: "Prompt to Resolve File Conflicts Manually" and Default Action.
  • Local synchronization procedure improved.
Version 2.3
  • Locked Files dialog looked bad on Large Fonts.
  • New button Run Now added to the toolbar.
  • Fixed bug in profile's drag and drop.
  • Startup options moved to the Preference page in Options dialog.
  • New options group Confimations on Other page in Options dialog.
  • New option Shutdown Windows on Events/After Synchronization page of Profile Properties.
  • Schedule option Run at Windows Shutdown improved.
Version 2.2
  • Bug fixed: On Large Fonts some dialogs were showed incorrectly.
  • Compare Files now works faster.
  • Bug fixed: Sometimes SmartSync Pro has not deleted empty folders.
  • Now Folder Properties dialog also asks you to create non-existent directory.
  • Two new columns added to Summary list: Result and Next Run Time.
  • Show Progress button added to the toolbar and profile's local menu.
  • Stop button added to the toolbar and profile's local menu.
  • Fixed bug: Sometimes profiles were lost.
  • Many improvements in profile's drag and drop.
  • Now all popup messages are appeared under the proper synchronization progress window.
  • Many improvements in New Profile Wizard.
  • New option added to Scheduler: Run Even if Scheduled Time Passed.
  • Show Profile name in synchronization progress window.
  • Export button added to the Temlpate editor to export template to text file.
Version 2.1
  • Don't close button added to progress windows to prevent closing them after completion.
  • Find button added to Compare Files dialog to find file name in the list.
  • Bug fixed: sometimes registration information was not stored.
  • Now you can override every exclude list separately.
  • Scheduler is rewritten completely. Now next scheduled run time is diplayed under the folder list.
  • Profiles Saving improved. Now SmartSync Pro exits much faster.
  • Bug fixed: error was raised if there are no dial up networking entries exist.
  • Now you can edit profiles using Profile Wizard!
  • If any files were locked during extration SmartSync Pro asks you to retry operation.
  • Profile's Drag and Drop operation improved.
  • Excluded Folders list added to the Select Folder for Synchronization page of New Profile Wizard.
  • Many improvements and bug fixes in New Profile Wizard.
  • Registration Code dialog now checks if you have entered a valid key.
  • Quick Start dialog now remember the state of "Don't show me this dialog at startup" box.
Version 2.0
  • First public release